LinkedIn and Monster: not happening dude

I still cannot see why LinkedIn would buy Monster.

I’ve read it’d be a good move because LinkedIn could then be able to migrate the customer/revenue base from the job board over to them, and then a different revenue multiplier kicks in, and the rivers of gold continue to flow.

… bollocks, I say.

Why as I LinkedIn shareholder would I want to spend money on a job board?

Job boards are by definition antisocial. They are not antisocial because they are nasty or mean, or run by people with those traits.

Job boards are not social because they don’t foster relationships out of the transactions they thrive on (e.g the classified ads). That’s how they make their money. Meantime, LinkedIn’s value resides in the connectivity of professionally minded individuals and the networks it reveals.

If it wanted job ads, LinkedIn could have given them for free years ago. Instead they remain stubbornly expensive. And arguably, it already has a resume search product (and more). So they’re not buying features.

What do you think? The first person to comment with an agree or disagree mention, gets a coffee (in Sydney) if the transaction happens.

Come on, be social :)

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