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Jorge Albinagorta, Founder of LatinOcean, is the firm’s principal consultant. He holds a Bachelor in Economics and an EMBA from the AGSM – University of New South Wales.

Jorge’s corporate career spans 20+ years. He started out as Business Analyst for a TV network, then joining an investment firm with operations across South America, performing treasury operations, business planning and economic analysis.

In 1990, Jorge migrated to Australia and was recruited by IBM Asia Pacific. In the eight years that followed, he moved from the management accounting function into the commercial and sales management areas.

In 1999 he joined the recruitment industry, got a taste of the Internet, and has not let up since. In 2006, he started LatinOcean, which is now owned by JABOR Holdings, a private Australian company.

Jorge’s areas of expertise are: Digital strategy design and execution, Digital operations, Business Development, Marketing and Communications, Online product and service evaluation, Knowledge and Project Management.

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