What We Do

LatinOcean works with recruitment agencies and corporate recruiters focused on establishing superior practices to attract and engage Talent using the Web.

Ok. I guess we could just leave it there. However, there are two key elements in the opening line above.

First, we mention who we work with. In our short existence, we found that the individuals (and teams) most receptive to our thinking and offerings have common traits:

– They are recruiters interested in identifying human talent where no-one else is looking (yet) in the Australasia region. They don’t want to try different sourcing and attraction channels just for fun, but to be more effective than their competitors.

– They know they can’t just adopt a new service or product off the shelf; they don’t have a technology problem: they have a candidate shortage challenge.

– They are conscious that to engage the candidates they need they must speak with them, not to them, on or offline. They understand that their role as relationships developers is critical to their success.

Secondly, to deserve our clients’ attention, what LatinOcean brings to the table is:

– Our knowledge on how to leverage our clients’ brand, reputation and expertise to source talent online

– Our knack for capitalising on emerging web-based technologies to tap into new prospect sources using a custom-solution approach

– Our communications expertise to keeping the talent our customers want and need engaged with their organisation

– Our knowledge management experience, to ensure that best practices in sourcing, attraction and relationship management are effectively disseminated across their teams

Ultimately, we aspire for our reputation to come from job seekers and candidates that deal with our clients, and recognise in those clients a different way to relate to them as individuals looking to fulfil their career aspirations.

Please read on about how we approach work and our current offerings. Thank You

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