What We Offer


  • Employer/Agency Reputation Assessment
    (What do people say about your firm on the Internet?)
  • Career Website and Employer Value Proposition Review
    (How effective are you in conveying your EVP to candidates?)
  • Sourcing Channels Audit
    (How effective are your talent sourcing activities?)

Training and Knowledge Dissemination

  • Emerging Trends in Online Candidate Sourcing – Workshop
    (Beyond the general job board – Niche sites, Referrals, Search, Professional and Social Networks)
  • New Sourcing Practices – Training/Procedure Material
    (Embedding alternative attraction activities in your workflow)
  • Employer Marketing on the Internet – Business Case Development
    (Hands on use of WOM, weblogs and Search Engine Marketing)
  • Recruitment Advertising – Online Ad Distribution (via Digital Reach)
  • LinkedIn Master Class
  • Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and let us come back to you with a tailored solution.

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